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Art For Your Cause is a unique online community and art marketplace where every purchase pays an artist and benefits a nonprofit. 

Our Mission

  • Provide a platform for independent artists to promote and sell original art and premium artist-designed consumer goods.
  • Empower nonprofits to receive donations and build awareness for their cause.
  • Create, enable and promote a community that brings artists, nonprofits and art lovers together in a mutually beneficial way.

Our Story

As an artist, Art For Your Cause Founder, Liz London wanted a better way to be able to give back to those in her community.

Nonprofits often asked her to donate art for events promoting their causes. In the past when artists donate their work they typically do not receive any payment or recognition. Liz wanted to eliminate this “starving artist” stereotype. She knew that other artists shared her challenge. She wanted to find a way to benefit everyone involved. Voilà, the original idea for AFYC was born!

Liz formed AFYC to offer artists a platform to sell their original art and their original designs on an array of different products to customers around the world, all while making the world a better place through contributions to nonprofits.

Art For Your Cause supports over a million charitable organizations. 10% of every purchase in our online marketplace featuring original artwork and unique art products goes to a nonprofit.

My greatest hope is that Art For Your Cause enables partnerships and connections between artists, nonprofits and art lovers, by bringing them together through our shared community.

    Liz London, Founder – Art for Your Cause


Non Profits

non profits

Every purchase pays a nonprofit.

Nonprofits who partner with AFYC benefit from being a part of a community that brings artists and art lovers together. We empower nonprofits to receive donations, raise funds and build awareness for their cause. 

We offer customized dashboards for partner nonprofits that include:

  • Direct donation and website links.
  • Affiliate link – 10% donation from all purchases generated via unique AFYC dashboard link.
  • Ability to share, promote and offer art/products with their unique link.
  • Templates for email campaigns, social media sharing features and website banners.
  • Peer to peer fundraising capabilities via our partner Create Your Cause.

Why partner with artists?

It’s a win-win-win between nonprofits, artists, and art buyers as art purchases in our online marketplace directly support partnered nonprofits and artists. Donors and supporters are able to enjoy a new and creative way to support a nonprofit through art.


Every purchase pays an artist.

We empower artists by displaying and promoting their work in our online marketplace while at the same time supporting nonprofits. We’re focused on finding art collectors all over the globe who want to discover new artists. Being an AFYC artist gets the artist and their work in front of art collectors and buyers of art on consumer goods.

AFYC artists help make the world a better place. We donate 10% of all purchases to a nonprofit of the customer’s choosing.

It’s free to join AFYC. Artists retain their original copyright status for all submitted art. They set their own wholesale price for their original art and receive 100% of that price. In addition, they receive 50% commission for any products sold featuring their artwork.

AFYC fulfills, prints, ships, markets and handles customer service—so all the artist has to do is create more beautiful art!

Each artist has a customized dashboard that includes:

  • Summary of AFYC earnings. AFYC pays commissions twice a month on the 1st and 3rd Friday through the PayPal account associated with the artists profile.
  • Ability to share, promote and offer art/products with their unique link.
  • Templates for email campaigns, social media sharing features and website banners.

Every artist has their own personalized AFYC page that includes a short bio, photo or video, artist statement, link to the artists website and online art sales gallery.

How do artists benefit from working with a nonprofit?

When artists work in collaboration with nonprofits, who in turn share their artwork with their supportive followers, the artist has the opportunity to meet new patrons and enthusiasts for their art.  

Nonprofits cultivate dedicated, supportive and generous followings, those who are inclined to give donations to support a worthy cause. By associating with them as a champion of their cause, artists can create significant value for themselves and their art within the nonprofit’s donor base and local community.


Art Lover Affiliate Progam

affiliate program

Share Art. Earn Money. It’s That Easy.

Do you love art? Do your friends value your artistic opinion? Are you an art influencer? Are you an Art For Your Cause artist who’d like to supplement your sales?

As an AFYC Art Lover Affiliate, you can earn money by sharing your favorite original artwork and/or art products with your friends, family and followers. All you have to do is share your unique AFYC Art Lover affiliate link, then sit back and watch your profits add up.

Why become an AFYC Art Lover Affiliate?

  • You earn 10% commission on purchases made through your link.
  • It’s totally free to join and no minimum sales are required to cash out your earnings.
  • You can track your earnings and see exactly which products have sold in your AFYC Art Lover Affiliate dashboard. 
  • You’ll have a 30-day purchase window—anyone who visits via your link and purchases any time within 30 days gets you a commission for the sale.
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