Andrea Lamarsaude

Andrea is a primarily self-taught abstract artist. She is an experienced marketer and writer and has a great passion for telling stories using the written word. Her art is an extension of that.

Andrea’s desire is that her paintings tell captivating stories, inspire conversations, and bring positive, creative energy into the world.

She uses a variety of mediums and techniques in her art; acrylic and oil paints, alcohol and India inks, mediums, pastels, hand-painted papers, stencils, found objects, mono-printing, image transfers, and lots of love.

Andrea has found much happiness in the ‘not knowing’ aspect of what the final outcome of a work will be. She sees that this allows the piece to evolve the way it was meant to be.

Andrea believes that trusting her intuition and following her heart is the best way to create not only her art, but also her life.