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At AFYC, we understand that although it can be a joyous and a wonderful experience to create your art, selling it is often a challenge. It can involve hard work, costing extra time and effort that you don’t have the luxury of doing.

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Art For Your Cause (AFYC) is a part of the $290 Billion conscious consumer market providing you with new innovative options to sell your art while helping others.

We offer a very competitive and completely different business model which allows you to retain copyrights to your art while simultaneously giving you the ability to earn the highest commission rates offered on any online platform. 

This is achieved by providing you the resources to create your art on products, host original art online auctions, and market to collectors that also support nonprofits. 

The difference between AFYC and other print on demand companies is that we enable you to access a powerful and robust ‘Artist Dashboard’ providing a unique way to collaborate with nonprofits boosting your potential to reach collectors.

Also, AFYC is a completely new business platform, as a way to “give back without giving away”. Because as we help each other, we help everyone. 

As the artist and founder, Art For Your Cause was created to be the ultimate cause marketing platform for both artists and nonprofits.

Liz London


Artist Landing Draft
Artist Landing Draft

What's The Catch?

How Does AFYC Do This?

AFYC is a part of a nonprofit organization called Causability. Being part of a nonprofit allows AFYC to operate without using the same commission structures that have dominated the traditional art world. AFYC offers this platform as a solution to the exploitation of artists currently within the traditional business model.

Most galleries take between 50-60% commission from every sale. In contrast, AFYC receives only 20% from every sale for operations.

Put simply, 10% of profits goes to AFYC and 10% goes to Causability. Meanwhile any direct donations to are redistributed to AFYC programs benefiting both artists and nonprofits

Reasons To Join Today:

It's totally FREE to join Art For Your Cause.

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