Debra Maccagnano Collection

Debra Maccagnano Collection

My love for creating art began as long as I can remember.

My Christmas list usually consisted of learn to draw books. Animals were generally my interest. Art class was of course my favorite subject in school:) By the time I reached my teen years, my interest in drawing switched from animals to people. I became a mother at an early age so for many years Art was placed aside.

About ten years ago a spark within me ignited and I began to draw again, then shortly after another impulse to paint occurred. I searched for a teacher and was led to Mabel, who became a huge inspiration. After a year or two of Mabel and myself painting together, I found myself struggling and that is when life sent me another teacher as well as a great artist, David Hummer. I was David’s first student and within 6 months a space was rented to handle many students. I became David’s assistant as well as teaching some children’s classes. Three years later a contemporary art museum is born. The Wausau Museum of Contemporary Art. Classes still reside there. 
I see our creators blueprint in every face I see and I love to capture this on canvas. The name of the rented space was called The Grace Station, so what better name for my website than

I will continue to paint and assist as long as it is possible. 


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