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Duke Horn Collection

As a young boy, Duke's folks loved to take him to new places, so his earliest memories were of going to the Texas State Fair and strolling the Midway with Mom and Dad and seeing all the sights, smells and sounds that make an indelible impression on children of all ages.

Of special interest to him was the side shows with their painted show fronts of all the wonders promised inside; exciting stuff!

Its the wonders of the supernatural sideshows that were the most interesting and frequently goulish. The “freakshows” ranged from repugnant to curious, yet compelling none the less.

HIs work for the last 20 years has intermittently revolved and evolved around this subject as I try to inculcate the Carnivale Pantheon into an extroverted personal narrative that compels the viewer’s senses to experience some of the flavor of life’s experiences.

Subconsciously, we as humans have a propensity to look at forbidden things, especially if it involves sexuality, violence and curiosity.

To suppress this urge is detrimental to our personal growth to better understanding of love and empathy toward our fellow man.

Horns work coined "magical surrealism" tries to exhibit the darkness and joy of the human condition while introducing a little “magic” into some of the pieces.

Horn's desire is to create a frankness of this 'oeuvre' juxtaposed against the frivolity and joy engendered by the fairgrounds.