Paul Gatto Collection

Paul Gatto Collection

Paul A. Gatto is a New York artist and a fine arts painter. His work can be in the classic tradition, most often impressionist and even to the more abstract.  He is a strong advocate for commissioned art, maintaining that a professional artist should have a patron. Since 1967, he has been represented exclusively by the Paul Gatto Gallery, Inc. of 300 Main Street, Farmingdale, New York. 

He works in all mediums and rather the subject matter dictates the style.  He does not conform to the widely held notion that an artist must be so consistent in a style as to incur a "sameness" and repetition in every work. Of course, there is evidence of past methods of the great schools of painting in contemporary art, but to merely 
relegate old works as a mere stage in the past is not plausible. Gatto feel that these admired skills should be advanced and made greater.

His art is held in collections here in the US and abroad. Subject matter embraces all areas in a catalog of close to 2,000 pieces.  Beside those in private collections such as Nelson Doubleday, corporate and institutional holdings include Citibank, A&S Department Store, the NY Islanders Hockey Team, The Lancer Insurance Company, The New York Virtuosi Society, Bernadette Castro, Parks Commissioner, New York State Parks Department, "The Garden City Hotel" mural, plus schools. 

Portraits include - Jean Tierney, Movie Star; Paul Townsend, columnist; Imus, TV personality; Senator Albert D'Amato, Pres. of the Bouchard Transportation Company; Bishop J. Sullivan and others at the Methodist Church, South Oaks Hospital, "Garden City Hotel" mural, etc. 

Paintings dealing with scriptural subject matter at the Maria Regina R. C. Church in Seaford, NY church interior - five 8'x5' oil on panels "The Annunciation", "The Good Shepherd", "The Ministry", "The Parable" and "The Visitation". 
Most recently he completed a commission to paint his version of the Last Supper, a 10'x5' canvas called "The Morsel" for the National Museum of Catholic Art & History in New York City. 





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