Samara Garth Collection

Samara Garth Collection

Born and raised in Saginaw Michigan, Cookie Designer and Crush Sweets’ owner, Samara Garth, moved to Texas upon completing her Bachelor’s degree in Supply Chain Management at Michigan State University in the fall of 2000.  After 2 years as a Buyer at Texas Instruments she had an epiphany that her strength was creativity. 

She then left her life in corporate America to complete her cosmetology training, finally living out her age old dream of becoming a professional Hairstylist.  Wanting to give her clients Christmas gifts, she decided to bake an awesome oatmeal chocolate chip cookie recipe that she’d recently came up with.  The cookies definitely brought a smile to her clients’ faces, and they looked forward to their cookies every Christmas. 

After years of hearing, “You should sell these!”, Samara decided to do just that.  At first, it was something she only did during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.  After several years, she decided to simply be available beyond the holidays and see where it would take her.  Realizing that there was a demand for her goods throughout the year, Samara started ramping up her baking business, with the hopes of eventually making it into a full time career and brand.  Then came the handcrafted sugar cookies! 

Several years ago, she took a client up on a challenge to do a really cool set of decorated 80’s themed cookies, and the love affair with decorated sugar cookies began!  The ability to recreate whatever she sees has served her well as a Hairstylists and of course in creating her edible artwork, using cookies as her canvas.

Last year, Samara fully transitioned from her full time career of 15 years as a Hairstylist to working her baking business full time.  Since her initial salon days, she has added several other items to her menu; but, the custom decorated sugar cookies have surely taken the drivers’ seat. Each cookie is decorated by hand with the utmost detail.  She often says her cookies are simply an array of lines and dots- that simple.  But the energy and thought behind them are much more in depth.  She literally visualize each design and sketches them out or simply stares at her blank cookie canvas to envision the completed design.  Some designs are created from specific requests.  Others are left to the creativity of Crush Sweets.  In creating designs, Samara starts with the feel or vibe that she or her clients want to evoke- yes, in a cookie!  It’s amazing how simple color combinations or simple dimension can create a whole new feel.  She sees cookies in EVERYTHING!  Fonts on vehicles on the streets, greeting cards, plants, clothing….she honestly creates a cookie in her mind with many average things that cross her path.  It’s part of what makes it fun for her.

It must be noted that the sugar cookies taste phenomenal as well!  The base of the decorated sugar cookie is a simple traditional vanilla cookie recipe she received from her Mom, who is an extraordinary baker and creative as well.  Samara definitely learned her way around the kitchen by way of her Mom, learning to bake and cook in her elementary years. 

Baking and cooking is a universal art to Samara.  Food and art is a language in itself that transcends all boundaries.  You don’t have to speak the same language to know that something tastes good or is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.  A yearning to connect, a desire to bring a smile to faces and the ability to use her cookies as a canvas to do so, is ultimately what drives Samara.  Crush Sweets has provided an excellent opportunity to do just that.  She’s often hears the line, “These are too pretty to eat!”  She replies, “Take a picture, then take a bite!”  The cookies do actually taste as good as they look!

Appearances on local news shows such as Fox 4 Goody Day and Good Morning Texas has helped her spread her baking joy even further and also helped promote a wonderful Dallas based non-profit group, ASD- AIDS Services of Dallas.  ASD provides housing and supportive services to men, women and children in the DFW area living with and affected by HIV/AIDS.  For the past 5 years, Crush Sweets has been a proud dessert sponsor of the No Tie Dinner & Dessert Party, hosted by The Purple Foundation, which is an annual fundraiser of which all proceed go to ASD.  Passing out over 500 cheesecake samples every year to their guests.  Crush Sweets is honored to be of service to such a selfless organization and is honored to be a featured Artist through Art For Your Cause.


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