Free Shipping On All Giclees Printed On High Gloss Metal
Free Shipping On All Giclees Printed On High Gloss Metal
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About Us


Work For A Cause,

Not Applause,

Live Life To Express, 

Not Impress.

Don't Strive To Make Your Presence Noticed 

Just Make Your Absence Felt!

Purchase Martian Love T-shirt with AFYC Mission Statement is an online gallery with a revolutionary twist.

A innovative platform for Artists, Nonprofits, Investors/Buyers...anyone wanting to connect, share, buy or commission our art/products...from one-time purchases to large fundraising events. 

 Hi, my name is Liz London, founder and creator of AFYC. As an artist, I always wanted a better way to be able to give back to those in my community.

Nonprofits often ask me to donate art for their cause... As artists, we are unable to write off the retail price as a deduction/donation on our taxes. 

That's just part of why AFYC was created!

 My greatest hope is that becomes a cultural shift between artists and nonprofits by enabling and engaging through this shared platform where all parties can mutually benefit from and share their products and services with a collector, benefactor or end user.

Sharing is Caring!

Liz London 2018

If you know an artist or nonprofit that may want to participate...let us know! 

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