Free Shipping On All Giclees Printed On High Gloss Metal
Free Shipping On All Giclees Printed On High Gloss Metal
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Become An "ART LOVER" Affiliate Marketing Member

The AFYC "ART LOVER" Affiliate Membership Marketing Program is a business arrangement between AFYC and 'you' the "Art Lover" Affiliate Marketing Member. 

"ART LOVER" Benefits:

  • AFYC serves as a retail gallery for art/products and pays a 10% commission to its registered affiliate members.
  • You may generate your own website traffic from your individualized AFYC LeadDyno affiliate link dashboard. 
  • Your individualized affiliate program dashboard will be created for you.
  • All traffic tracked through your individualized affiliate link will be displayed on your dashboard.
  • You may use your individualized affiliate dashboard link for access to one-click sharing for social media, with direct links to Facebook, Instagram plus email templates.
  • You may also access your affiliate dashboard by downloading the "LeadDyno" app from ITunes or Google Play on your iPhone or Android smartphone.
  • When a prospect visits our site from your individualized affiliate link, we will be able to register their purchase and credit the sale to you.
  • You may remove your AFYC Affiliate Dashboard and artist profile by emailing us @

Commission Details:

  • You will receive 10% commissions from all completed sales.
  • As an Art Lover Affiliate if you signup a nonprofit, artist or buyer you may keep your 10% or designate where you want your 10% commission applied. All we need is the designated PayPal address for that account.
  • You will receive your Affiliate Membership commissions twice a month on the first and third Friday each month on all completed sales.
  • Affiliate Members must have a valid PayPal account (email address)
  • Enter your email and you will be taken to the AFYC/LeadDyno Affiliate Terms & Conditions Dashboard where you can start earning 10% immediately!

Once your application is received and you agree to the terms and conditions on the AFYCLeadDyno dashboard you can start sharing your individualized affiliate link and earning affiliate commissions.

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* the information required in the form below is strictly confidential and is only used for reporting income over $600.00

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