Free Shipping On All Giclees Printed On High Gloss Metal
Free Shipping On All Giclees Printed On High Gloss Metal
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Artists Terms & Conditions

  1. No charge to artists to join AFYC.
  2. serves as a 'broker agent' for Artists.
  3. AFYC is an online gallery. Please consider submitting wholesale pricing to AFYC.
  4. Artists retain their original copyright status for all submitted images/art/products on AFYC.
  5. Artists are encouraged to use their unique and specifically individualized affiliate links for promoting their specific special events through the Dashboard.
  6. The AFYC/LeadDyno affiliate link dashboard provides Artists direct access to templates for using with their email services, social media buttons, website banners or promotions of special events/auctions to further increase their sales.
  7. Artists can earn an additional 10% commission through their affiliate referral links on all other AFYC products on AFYC website
  8. Artists can login to their affiliate portal 24/7 to view their own registered affiliates, sales commissions.
  9. Artists earn income on sales from their original art submitting a set wholesale pricing of their art.
  10. Artists earn exact set price they want on all ORIGINAL ART. marks it up 100%. 
  11. Artists earn/split AFYC 50% commissions from profits on all licensed digitally printed products after cost of product is deducted.
  12. Artists earn 50% profit from licensing from all product sales over product costs.   
  13. All Artists sales are tracked by their individual AFYC/LeadDyno affiliate link (valid email address) and paid through their registered PayPal email account.
  14. Artists are paid ART commissions from their art sales on the Friday after two (2) weeks after a sale is completed.
  15. Artists are paid their affiliate referral link commissions from every completed sale on the Friday after two (2) weeks after a sale is completed.  
  16. donates 10% of proceeds to a designated nonprofit from a completed Art/Product sale.
  17. Affiliate Referral Payments of 10% commission are paid to all Art Lover Affiliates from a completed retail sale.
  18. AFYC pays Art Lovers 10% affiliate commissions to Artists.
  19. Artists do not pay any affiliate commissions or nonprofit affiliate commissions.
  20. Artists Are Responsible For Submitting Their Affiliate Commissions/Income And Filing Their Appropriate Taxes.  
  21. Artists will receive a spreadsheet detailing 50% commission splits on all digitally licensed products after submission of high quality images.
  22. Artists digital images used for licensing of high gloss metal prints will be placed into ROES print template to insure correct sizing and dimensions for each individual product.
  23. reserves the right to decline or remove enrollment from our program at our discretion.
  24. As soon as your application is accepted you can start sharing your affiliate link and earning affiliate commissions.
  25. To Remove Your AFYC Affiliate Dashboard And Artist Profile By Emailing Us  @