Free Shipping On All Giclees Printed On High Gloss Metal
Free Shipping On All Giclees Printed On High Gloss Metal
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Nonprofit Terms & Conditions

  • No charge to nonprofits.

  • AFYC is available to create customized corporate partnership agreements for your cause aligning your fundraising goals with their audience.

  • AFYC serves as a cause marketing ‘donation portal’ for nonprofits.

  • You may receive 10% donations from all registered unique individualized ART LOVERS link for  completed retail sales.

  • Your ART LOVER Dashboard enables your nonprofit organization to share, promote and offer art/products to the public or their donors through your unique individualized affiliate links. 

  • Your ART LOVER Dashboard and link provides your nonprofit direct access to templates to use with email services, social media buttons, website banners to promote special events/auctions to increase their donations.

  • You are encouraged to use your unique individualized ART LOVER Dashboard to promote your special events.

  • You can login to your AFYC/ART LOVER Dashboard 24/7 to view your registered ART LOVER Members and sales commissions.

  • You may receive donations on all completed sales through direct marketing of your ART LOVER links.

  • Nonprofit donations are tracked and instantaneously credited to their account through the third-party app:

  • Charitable donations are processed through Pledgeling Foundation and are regranted to the non-profit designated by the original donor.

  • Your nonprofit does not have to do anything to receive the funds.

  • Pledgeling Foundation mails checks combining all the previous month's donations, less processing costs (if any), within 15 days of the end of each month (usually between the 7th and 10th).

  • Nonprofits donations are selected by the buyer from the shopping cart section/selection.

  • Included on your nonprofit page is a direct donation link to accept donations even if/when there are no products purchased.

  • AFYC holds no responsibility for financial outcomes of individual nonprofits or their entities.  

  • com reserves the right to decline or remove enrollment anyone from our program at our discretion.

  • As soon as your application is accepted you can start sharing your affiliate link and earning affiliate commissions.

  • You may remove your AFYC Affiliate Dashboard and nonprofit profile by emailing us in writing @  Please allow 15 days for removal.