Day Dream Believer
8" x 10" / 11" x 14"
Giclee On High Gloss Metal
By: Ken Caperton


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Art By Ken Caperton

Shipped with Certification of Authenticity. 

I for one, do not, ‘nap’…I barely get 5-6 hours a night of straight through of sleep. But I can still relate to Day Dream Believer because even though she appears to be sleeping she is actually practicing Zen. 

Zen is a state of being is about one’s consciousness. Needing to realize over time or (suddenly, like flashes of insight) that observing one’s thoughts is the first step of expanding consciousness. 

Original Art Printed On High Gloss Metal. Comes Shipped With Metal Bracket Attached For Hanging. No Framing Required.

  • Metal prints are durable, and are scratch resistant, stain resistant, moisture resistant, and fade resistant.
  • Created by directly infusing the image into specially-coated aluminum using a sublimation process.
  • Aluminum is approximately .045″ thick.
  • The back of each metal print is brushed metal.




Weight 1.361 lbs




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8″ x 10″ / 11″ x 14″
Giclee On High Gloss Metal
By: Ken Caperton”

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