Floating Budding Blooms
Wall Clock


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Every second counts! An exciting and practical accent in any room, this unique high-quality Wall Clock serves as a statement piece, creating a personalized environment. Made by Liz London.

Floating Budding Blooms represents the dedication we as humans need to feel and connect with to heal the planet. The buds represent the new ideas we need to create and use to transform Earth into a safe place for all of its creatures, plants and save dying breeds before it’s too late. The buds float on water carrying us inside to our depths to commune with our spirits/souls that are deeply connected to Earth. May we connect and commune with nature to assist it in its process. Hanging or wearing this piece may provide you clarity, connection, and innovative ideas to heal the planet. Affirmation: I am connected to the Earth’s healing elements raising its energy vibrations through me.

  • Wooden frame
  • Plexiglass face
  • Pre-installed backside hook
  • For indoor use
  • Requires one AA battery (NOT included)
Weight 0.46 lbs


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Wall Clock”

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