In The Rapture
13" x 18"
Limited Edition
Giclee On Canvas
By: Beatrice Lebreton


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Giclee Printed On Canvas By Beatrice Lebreton

Shipped rolled in tube-

Signed and numbered by artist.

Including Certificate of Authenticity

Artist Statement:

I find my main inspiration in my multicultural heritage, researching diverse cultures for histories and traditions I can interpret as visual stories.

My paintings are narratives and I draw influences from traditional African motifs and cosmology. I like to reinterpret these symbols to convey the spiritual potential of Africa’s culture to contemporary viewers, as they become a visual link between the past and the present. 

 I make great use of patterns even in abstract paintings. Patterns form a system of visual and verbal imagery that holds meanings the viewer can interpret layer by layer. When decoded they reveal legends, histories, and myths. I like to incorporate fabrics, shells and beads as they possess energy and serve as a communication system.

My work also celebrates womanhood, women in general and women of color in particular. My goal is to shatter stereotypes and illustrate growth and change. Women have vital roles (spiritual, even political) in the development of their communities and it should not be ignored. I create not exactly “portraits” but “representations” of women. Placed in the foreground of colorful designs the women are lifted from an everyday life setting and relocated in the realm of immortality. They become goddesses.

I aspire to take the viewers on a spiritual journey, to let them marvel, contemplate the images and find part of their own spirit and culture.

Only 25 Available.

Weight 1.361 lbs


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13″ x 18″
Limited Edition
Giclee On Canvas
By: Beatrice Lebreton”

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