The Art of Healing

Dallas artists find tranquility in the Rocky Mountains

Everyday we balance a busy life’s schedule. Work, relationships and family all take a toll on us emotionally, physically and spiritually. Because of this, it is important that we remember to take time to ‘heal’ ourselves regularly. Many of us find this inner peace and healing through activities like exercise, yoga, and meditation, which have all been proven to reduce stress and recharge the human spirit.

Time for Change

Even though you hit the gym, or slip into the yoga studio regularly, does it sometimes feel like your routine has becoming uninspiring and unmotivating? Sometimes just changing one thing can revitalize your workout and your spirit. Nestled on the picturesque landscape of the Western Slope of Colorado is 6 Eagles Haven. 6 Eagles Haven is a Non-Profit organization whose mission is to provide education and support programs that promote health, well-being, and sustainable living. But despite all that they offer, Allison Field, Director of 6 Eagles Haven, recognized that there was something missing in their yoga room.

Art Meets Healing

Field reached out to Art For Your Cause (AFYC) founder, Liz London for inspiration. London is an award winning artist in Dallas, Texas whose own Non-Profit organization, AFYC helps to promote art in healing. Immediately, she knew what was missing, artwork! London proposed that Field and 6 Eagles Haven fly two artists out to Colorado to create a mural that would inspire and rejuvenate 6 Eagles Haven visitors. Field agreed and London along with fellow artist Lisa Long flew to Colorado for a week to begin work on the project. Field had just one request, they had to incorporate the Tree of Life into the mural. 

London admits, “We really didn’t have any idea what we were going to paint.” But while in flight to Colorado, London says, “we both started sketching out designs and making adjustments. Lisa had her iPad with her, and we were able to incorporate photos of the actual wall that Allison had sent us until we had some mock-ups.”

Artist Inspiration

Once they arrived at 6 Eagles Haven, London and Long went to work. They first had to give themselves a ‘canvas’ to work from and so they painted a base coat of white on the wall. Working in layers, they designed and created shapes, patterns and textures on the wall. After nearly a week of designing and painting, the mural was complete. Just as Field had requested that the Tree of Life element be incorporated into the mural, London and Long had a request of their own… no one could see the mural project until it was complete, and this included Field. 

Once it was complete, London and Long were ready to reveal their inspirational mural. Field and other 6 Eagles Haven members joined them as they opened the door to the yoga studio. The artwork was truly breathtaking as Field began to cry, overcome with emotion. The final masterpiece features the purple Colorado Rocky Mountains with Chakra flowers and of course the Tree of Life. There is one single word on the mural, ‘Namaste’, a sign of respect and thankfulness within the yoga community.

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